FAQ Carnival Fever Tickets / Berlin Carnival 2017

01. Which items are sold out at the moment:

- Carnival Cruise 01
- Carnival Cruise 02
- Soca on the Beach
- Platinum Package (incl. Boat)
- Gold Package (all Parties without Boat)
- Silver Package (all night events)

02. Will there be a second batch?

No, there will be no second drop. All orders which are not paid 10 days after the order date will be cancelled and hit the shop again. So there could be maybe some more. Reservations for restocked tickets are not possible. First come, first serve!

03. My friend, brother, sister, auntie, secret lover, dog or whatever is not coming. Can i give my ticket to someone else?

What you do with your ticket after you´ve paid is up to you. But we won´t accept a black market on tickets. So if you´re giving tickets away please be so fair and don´t charge more. If we´re getting the infos that you´re selling tickets for a higher price we will freeze these tickets.

04. I have a proble with my ticket pruchase? Can you help me?

Please get in touch with our ticket service provider via hallo@tickettoaster.de with all informations like order number etc.

05. Can I give away a certain amount of my platinum/gold/silver/bronze package to my friend?

That´s not possible. With your first check in with your ticket in Berlin at a CF event you will receive a high security wristband. No single tickets will be provided for the packages.

06. Why are there no tickets available for the Breakfast rooftop party?

The rooftop breakfast party is a gift exclusive to our platinum & gold package holder. There won´t be any tickets at the door or in presale.